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Tool Specification and Content

This work package aims to develop a tool specification and content based on the research conducted in the project partner countries. The specification will highlight the purpose of the tool; content specification; duration; administration needs; scoring; method of task completion; and type of task. It will consist of a measurement system for non-formal and informal learning specifically adapted to meet the needs of disadvantaged job seekers. The focus on this WP will be assisting the job seekers identify and quantify work related skills and competencies in a transparent and credible way, using an online questionnaire format. It will, through a series of interactive and innovative methods, help the individual identify their soft skills for employability, social and psychological issues and factors. This output will be based on framework which will detail the core elements to be considered when guiding job seekers into the modern and future world of work, particularly those who experience disadvantage in the labour market. It will focus on the non-cognitive, transferable skills required by future employees, many of which are developed informally and non-formally through work experiences, community and civic participation, lived experiences, education and training.