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Developing Training module for practitioners and Online Platform

In this work package, an online e-learning-like platform will be constructed. This platform will have the capability to host the material of the project tool that was developed in the framework. The alliance will investigate the possibilities of utilising the online platform and will work to improve it in order to guarantee that it is compatible with the technology that is now available. The online platform will make use of a medium and design that is appealing, technologically advanced, and forward-looking in order to guarantee that it is usable by individuals of all ages who are looking for work. It will be necessary to take into consideration the format of the questions, the usage of animation, and the utilisation of mobile technology. A web-based platform will be developed with the primary objective of conducting a comprehensive examination and analysis of the technical aspects that can offer a variety of tools and approaches to enhance the capabilities of career counsellors. When it comes to the piloting phase, career counsellors and other professionals will be involved in order to obtain information on digitalization skills for young people, labour market intelligence, the current state of the art on changes in the labour market at the EU level, changes at the national level, the types of jobs that will be impacted, new jobs that will be created, skill requirements, hard skills, technical skills, soft/transversal skills, and the demand of the labour market.